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The purpose behind the Aloha Good News is … quite simply … to share good news and good stories from around the world. Pick up any news media today and there is no shortage of negativity and drama, so our intent is to do the opposite. The world is filled with good and great stories and when we hear them, we inherently feel better. Our goal and purpose are simple: Bring some light and positive energy to you!

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Aloha Good News 6/19/20

  • A Champion Rises

  • A Football Metaphor

  • John Wooden

Aloha Good News 5/1/20

  • Olympic Gold fades

  • The Crest Cap

  • Memories 

Aloha Good News 5/22/20

  • Flowers in New York City

  • Beavers in Britain

  • Migrant Hero

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